Plaid Circle Skirt

Yeah, it’s been two years since I last posted, but I’m sewing more now, so I hope to keep relatively up to date now.

I got a couple yards of 50″ wide olive and purple plaid polished cotton for free, and I’d been debating what to do with it. That is until I ran across the most lovely yoked circle skirt pattern from 1960.

It’s beautifully designed, and I didn’t need to use too much Russian to understand it, so I dove in!

So far, I’ve cut out the skirt and yoke and basted the yoke together (gorgeous fit). I then pinned the skirt to the yoke to see how it would hang, and then I realized my awful error. In making the yoke, I forgot about seam allowances, so the skirt and yoke didn’t want to overlap at all. Luckily, I had enough extra fabric to redo my arithmetic, recut the yoke pieces, and still have enough leftover to have a lined yoke and possibly add pockets.

I wanted to show pictures of my progress so far, but my SD card has gone missing, so that will have to wait a bit.

Hopefully I will have progress and pictures in this week.


An object lesson in the basics: how quickly we forget


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As I reach the end of the bodice on my bibfront gown, I realized that the wonderful linen I had lined it with I had neglected to wash. So now I am stuck trying to resign myself to a linen and cotton morning gown that can only be spot-cleaned. As it is really quite too late to unpick and remake the bodice lining, we shall see how well this gown fares.